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In an ever-changing sector

Labour law is a particularly complex law, particularly in light of the range of laws and the diversity of situations.

The team of labour law lawyers at LEXIATEAM in Montpellier (34) will accompany, advise and assist you, drawing on their in-depth knowledge of the company and a constantly evolving legal sector that requires constant monitoring.


in labour law

LEXIATEAM's team of employment lawyers advises on the conclusion of employment contracts (drafting employment contracts, employee mobility, for example) but also events that may affect the contractual relationship, in particular disciplinary proceedings, individual dismissal for personal and economic reasons, modification of the employment contract or changes in working conditions. Its support extends to negotiated departures (settlement, contractual termination).

The team of labour lawyers also boasts recognised expertise in advising human resources departments (decision-making support, occupational health, determination of salaries, organisation of working time).

It also assists you in mass economic redundancies (compliance with legal or contractual obligations depending on the scale of the planned redundancies). Finally, it advises you on the prevention of collective conflicts and disputes such as strikes.

Our firm also assists you with setting up and managing your worker representative institutions (social and economic committee), in concluding collective agreements (profit-sharing, (abolishing) employee profit-sharing, stock option plans), in setting up and monitoring additional social protection (mutual insurance, complementary and supplementary provident schemes, etc.).

LEXIATEAM's team of employment law lawyers will also assist and represent you in the event of litigation before the Labour Court, the labour division of the High Court (industrial accidents, rates of industrial accidents, occupational illness, incapacity, invalidity), and the District Court (in particular litigation relating to professional elections) but also in criminal employment law (concealed work).


Within the framework of labour law

Dialogue with the head of the company on the advocacy strategy based on the interests at stake


File analysis, case law research

Drafting of pleadings and forwarding to the competent court

Upon receipt of the deliberations, analysis of the decision and any appeal procedures


YOUR CONTACT PERSON for labour audit tasks

LEXIATEAM assists you during URSSAF and Labour Inspectorate inspection procedures (referral to the voluntary appeals board, appeals to the hierarchy, informal appeals).

LEXIATEAM's team of labour lawyers is your go-to for labour risk prevention and/or acquisition audit tasks: factual and legal analysis, decision-making support. Our firm also has specific expertise in assisting any local authority or administration in the management of civil servant personnel, public law contract staff and private law contract staff (advice and administrative litigation).

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