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LAWYER IN CORPORATE LAW IN MONTPELLIER (34) - Legal subscriptions, commercial law, business law -


Tips & Strategies

French company law gives the project owner the option between different corporate structures that must be adapted to the aspects of a particular project.

The most commonly used companies:

Simplified joint stock company (SAS) Limited liability company (SARL) Public limited company (SA)

But there are other types of companies that may be better suited for more complex legal arrangements:

Limited partnership General partnership Economic interest grouping.

Once the choice of structure has been confirmed, LEXIATEAM will be able to offer you a legal subscription, to help your companies grow and develop in line with the development of your business, as well as new texts. Finally, we can help you to bring your company closer to some of your partners by managing your share purchase plans, the purchase or sale of business assets, but also the creation of joint ventures or even trusts.

  • Legal acquisition audit
  • Creation of companies and drafting of articles of association (SA, SCOP, SARL, SAS, GIE, etc.)
  • Capital Increase
  • Issuance of complex securities
  • Fund Raising
  • Shareholders' agreements
  • Sale of shares and holdings
  • Assignment of goodwill
  • Disposal of company and contribution of M§A
  • Contribution of securities, partial contribution of assets
  • APM Security Trust


Adapted legal tools

A company requires legal assistance in the setting up and negotiation of commercial contracts which, due to the constant changes being made to our law, become more complex every day.

Thus, in the event of the conclusion or renewal of a commercial lease, the assignment of a lease right, or even a sub-let, these must, to guarantee the legal security of the parties and avoid legal proceedings, be drawn up by a professional in commercial law.

LEXIATEAM, your lawyer specialising in commercial and business law in Montpellier (34), can assist you in the drafting and negotiation of all your commercial contracts, whether French or international: partnerships, joint ventures, distribution agreements, industrial or intellectual property licences, provision of services, brokerage contracts, etc.

French law has legal tools to help companies or businesses experiencing financial difficulties. For example, a court-ordered receivership or safeguard procedure initiated in due time will result in blocking the right of certain creditors to sue, thus allowing the company to keep its customers and maintain its payroll.

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